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How to find Hash depend on timestamp ???

  • Can anyone tell me how to make this hash
    Site 1 :

    Site 2 :
    hash: 0012f86446dda0a79b37d0f3e324406f
    appkey: B0A23544E86B477B8A9A21ACA915B6A9
    timestamp: 1602229228

    I have this request for 2 different site but it has the same problem. Hash change everytime even user and pass unchange so I think It depend on timestamp but i find every hash timestamp but it not work
    Anyone help me please

    thank you so much

  • Timestamp is basically the current time but presented in unix form,
    so to use that all you have to do is:

    Make a function block > Function: CurrentUnixTime > Give it a variable > and use it.

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