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How to get ProgressCount

  • Hey, i'm trying to get progress count number in part of openbullet. There is already definition about that. We can reach it by

    var runner = sender as RunnerViewModel;

    But i'm using that integer in part of some kind of timer so i can't always call the "var runner = .."
    How can i do it static definition?
    I mean
    I'm trying to define runner in top of my codes and just reach it in my code by simply write

    IRunnerMessaging senderx;
     RuriLib.Runner.RunnerViewModel runnerz = senderx   as RunnerViewModel;
    in my function
    currentprog = Runnerstatic.ProgressCount;

    As you see here my problem actually isn't about ob, it's kind of problem basics for c# but i'm not programmer so i wish you can forgive me about that.

  • Admin

    Can't you just pass the instance of the runner to your function?

  • Yea actually I've simply tried to define it by
    public static RunnerViewModel Runnerx { get; set; }
    but it returns me Runnerx as always null

  • Admin

    1. I don't remember much anymore about OB1 code, I rewrote it from scratch for OB2
    2. I would have to see you whole code to understand what you're doing wrong

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