Help me with postdata

  • I am trying to make a configuration to capture a specific content, at the time of performing a POST method using its required headers and the postscript throws me the following error {" status ":" ERROR "," error ":" Unexpected number in JSON at position 1 "} I have been observing what the problem would be, and I cannot find a solution that is, the POST method is not performed correctly due to an error in the POSTDATA. These are images of the postscript and the form I am using in openbullet.

    PICTURE 1 - OPENBULLET "POSTDATA, Request Headers"

    Captura 3.png

    Well, that's the error that I get when pressing start.

    I think that the error is in the postscript since I placed a notepad and looked for that position but I did not find anything specific.


    Primera iMAGEN.png


    Segunda imagen.png

    Well, that way the postscript is displayed on the page, type payload which makes me very different since I work with form-data.

    Here's how the openbullet receives the post data that I sent respectively with was on the original page.


    I think that is where the problem is, I have no idea how to make the payload become a form-data, as it was previously, that payload has many spaces and strange things that work in JSON. I appreciate your opinions and advice, I will be pending. Good morning, good afternoon and good night.

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