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keycheck if cookies exists

  • im working on something on which if IP is banned then website response as " no cookies" and source "error"
    if IP is not banned and data is invalid it gives response with a cookie and source "error"

    TS015afe94: 01301e525baa62abfa1ec4e5965c8736fae806f95cab06d1b01f57091c156d9ba6b64a5bfdd56440ccf4e7b2f3b9997fa9358958cd

    so i want to add keycheck with for ban using "AND" and if that cookie does not exist
    im using keycheck as

      KEY "<COOKIES{*}>" DoesNotContain "TS015af" 
      KEY "error"

    but it never captures ban.

  • Admin

    At this point you could do:
    KEY "<COOKIES(TS015af)>" Exists
    KEY "<COOKIES>" Contains "TS015af"
    Why would you use DoesNotContain if you want to make sure it contains the cookie?

  • @Ruri its ban condition. In ban condition there is an error and No cookies. so i did if the jar dont contain a cookie and an error in response then ban

  • Admin

    You said so i want to add keycheck with for ban using "AND" and if that cookie exists

  • Admin

    Explain it better cause I did not understand anything at all. When you're banned:

    • do you get the cookie?
    • do you get error in the source?

  • Admin

    Anyways I gave you the tools to do it yourself, just use Exists or DoesNotExist / Contains or DoesNotContain depending on what you want to achieve, it's up to you now

  • sorry for that i edited. i meant to write does not exist. and KEY "<COOKIES>" DoesNotContain "TS015af" worked. i was using <COOKIES{*}> before considering the term "TS015af" was in cookies name. FIXED TY

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