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There is a way to capture this with css? if so pls let me know how

  • Hello i wonder if there is a way to parse the date here with css because i have been looking in css selector site and also watched few videos but still couldn't find out, if someone can show me pls the solution it will be great.
    thanks for help 🙂

    <span class="profile_label"><b>Renewal Date:</b></span>
    <span class="profile_label">2021/06/05</span>

  • PARSE "<SOURCE>" CSS ".profile_label" "innerHTML" -> VAR "b"

  • @tiolxpe said in There is a way to capture this with css? if so pls let me know how:

    PARSE "<SOURCE>" CSS ".profile_label" "innerHTML" -> VAR "b"

    thanks its worked but my problem i got few more like this😓
    there is a way to capture it specfically?

    <span class="profile_label"><b>Account Status:</b></span>
    <span class="profile_label">Active</span>
    <div class="clearfix"></div>
    <span class="profile_label"><b>Current Plan:</b></span>
    <span class="profile_label">1 Year</span>
    <div class="clearfix"></div>
    <span class="profile_label"><b>Renewal Date:</b></span>
    <span class="profile_label">2021/06/05</span>
    <div class="clearfix"></div>
    <span class="profile_label"><b>Renewal Type:</b></span>
    <span class="profile_label">Renew</span>
    <div class="clearfix"></div>
    <span class="profile_label"><b>Renewal Plan:</b></span>

  • I'm sure there's an easier way than I did but idk, so i made this, works well but i hope someone comment another way to do

    PARSE "<a>" CSS ".profile_label" "innerHTML" Recursive=TRUE -> VAR "lol" 
    UTILITY List "lol" Join "\\n" -> VAR "KEY" 
    UTILITY Folder "output" Create 
    UTILITY File "output/test.txt" AppendLines "<KEY>" 
    UTILITY File "output/test.txt" Read -> VAR "bbbbb" 
    FUNCTION Replace "<b>" "" "<bbbbb>" -> VAR "bbbbb" 
    FUNCTION Replace "</b>" "" "<bbbbb>" -> VAR "bbbbb" 
    UTILITY File "output/test.txt" Delete 
    PARSE "<bbbbb>" LR "Account Status:" "Current Plan:" CreateEmpty=FALSE -> CAP "Account Status" 
    PARSE "<bbbbb>" LR "Current Plan:" "Renewal Date:" CreateEmpty=FALSE -> CAP "Current Plan" 
    PARSE "<bbbbb>" LR "Renewal Date:" "Renewal Type:" CreateEmpty=FALSE -> CAP "Renewal Date" 
    PARSE "<bbbbb>" LR "Renewal Type:" "" CreateEmpty=FALSE -> CAP "Renewal Type" 

  • @tiolxpe thank you for helping ill see if anyone else suggestion another way but i appreciate the help

  • <span class="profile_label"><b>Account Status:</b></span>\s<span class="profile_label">(.*?)</span>

  • @xomx12 thanks but i wanted a solution with css but at the end i did like you 🙂

      HEADER "User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko" 
      HEADER "Pragma: no-cache" 
      HEADER "Accept: */*" 
    PARSE "<SOURCE>" CSS ".profile_label" "innerHTML" 3 -> VAR "Current Plan"

  • thank you guys for help @xomx12 @mega_1

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