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How can i capture this while using LR selector?

  • Hello guys im new to openbullet and i was facing a problem that i couldn't resolve so im here asking help from you 🙂
    My problem is im trying to capture something which contains hebrew text+time and because of that my log is not organized.
    i tried using lr selector but i managed to find out there is no option for 2 rows on one side even if i tired \n
    i can't capture it alone because something already has the same prefix and suffix(<dd>,</dd>)

    <dt>פעילות אחרונה</dt>
    <dd> היום <span class="time">13:15</span></dd>

    thanks for helping and sorry if you could not understand me 😉

  • Admin

    I suggest using css selector, look at the guides

  • ok thanks i will search for it

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