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is there a way so speed up a config (trying to get max cpm)

  • is there a way to speed up a config any setting i can try or something for max cpm

  • in fast apis you can try lower change those values 859a3905-12a8-44af-9798-9f9cd0fe5008-image.png

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    Hi @theman1240
    You want your configuration to be fast, I advise you to optimize your blocks for example the place where the csrf connection token on the connection page is 50,000 content length but on another page at 10,000 content length you find this same token so you will take the second page already if you manage to do this you can start to improve the speed of your configuration also if you want the CPM speed to be faster optimize your parse blocks there must be the least possible and finally to conclude I advise you to have premium proxies like Luminati

  • I think also that the most important thig is to place the keycheck block as soon as possible...

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    @dudu59 it's nothing to see it's not him who consumes

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