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Making Loading Windows for Ob

  • hi,
    how can i make an "loading windows" with something like welcome message inside?

    (idk much developing,just i know how to compact,debug,change some names,make mod ob and something like that)
    i saw there is LoadingWindows inside but idk how can active it,or make some like anomaly


  • Admin

    Maybe ask @Pure

  • All I had to do to get the splash screen popping up was uncomment a line that said to uncomment before release. I don't know if that line is still in current version or not. I can look at the anomaly source in a bit and see what line it was.

  •             Topmost = Globals.obSettings.General.AlwaysOnTop;
                (new SplashWindow()).ShowDialog();
                menuOptionRunner_MouseDown(this, null);

    I believe its the new SplashWindow()).ShowDialog(). Which is located in OpenBullet/MainWindow.xaml.cs

    Although I don't see that line in the current versions of source. It could be as simple as adding that line or there may be more work for it. Im not entirely sure. It's been awhile since I've dug around in OB. Also I haven't looked at anything in the source with the big revisions that were made.

  • @Pure thank anyway

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