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Copy - Paste (Selenium OpenBullet)

  • Hey,

    Are you somehow able to Copy and Paste in Selenium?
    I know that you are able to "Send Keys" such as <TAB> and <ENTER> but did not found anything for copy and pasting something.

    All I want is to paste certain text into a textfield which has been copied before, so I don't mind if you aren't able to copy, all I need is a "Paste" Feature.

  • Copy what ? On website ? If on website you can use action "GetText" or block Parse to "copy" text

  • sure, i know how to copy or get text which also works with the parse function. Like I wrote above, all I need is a "Paste" feature.

    For example I copy a specific text and paste it into a text field. For that pasting i need a feature, not for the copying.

  • Admin

    Pasting = element action sendkeys, then write your variable e.g. <TOPASTE> and it will type your text in the textbox. You can achieve the same result by using the EXECUTEJS block and do element.input = '<TOPASTE>' where element is the dom element obtained via document.getElementById or whatever that function is called ^_^

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