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Keycheck Parsed Data

  • So rather new to Open Bullet just messing around with a few things to get a feel. If I parse data from a source and I want to check for success/failure based on that data how would I go about that?


    I want to scrape pricing from a page with pricing listed in ascending order for all items.

    I capture the first items price (lowest price)

    Part in question: I want to check for success here, if price is over $20.00 it’s a success, if under it’s a failure.

    If I could then list recursive that would be great as well which may make the solution capturing recursive and key checking based on first variable. But if I can only capture first variable thats fine.

  • Admin

    OpenBullet operates in a way that only allows to have 1 hit or failure per data line in your wordlist, you cannot generate multiple hits from a single entry in the wordlist. I suggest using some other framework for this purpose.

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