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Using Solve Captcha Block Error as a variable through an IF ELSE statement

  • I am using a solve Captcha Block in a config and the service I am using (Capmonster Cloud) allows for a threshold to be set for allowed accuracy of captcha images being solved. It's set along with the api key in the settings so it kinda looks like this when entering it in the API Key box:

    {API Key}__recognizingthreshold_80

    which means that the captcha image being sent has to have an accuracy of being solved by capmonster cloud of 80% or greater. When this threshold isn't met, I get the error statement: ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE.

    Is it possible to then pass this error statement as a variable into an IF ELSE statement. Essentially I want to have the config perform a different block if the captcha can't be solved under a certain accuracy threshold. Let me know what you guys think, thanks.

  • Admin

    This is not possible I think with OB1, sorry

  • Thanks. Guess I'll have to figure something out: Key checks wouldn't work, I think because the whole bot would be halted if a certain status was triggered, right?

  • Admin

    Yeah, on ERROR status the bot is halted

  • Admin

    I really suggest you wait for OB2.

  • Lol, ok then hope your work is going well.

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