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Single entry in code

  • How do I get the code to only enter once, example:

    IF "<BOTNUM>" EqualTo "1"
    IF "<john4>" NotEqualTo "<hash4>"
    SET NEWGVAR "john4" "10"
    SET NEWGVAR "hash4" "10"

    I did it that way, but would it have an easier way?

    Another question, is there a list of all variables?
    BOTNUM I didn't know it existed until I read on the github page

    Because I wanted to get the system date, so I had to make a call in IronPython:

    BEGIN SCRIPT IronPython
    from datetime import datetime
    now =
    year = now.year
    mes = now.month
    day =
    hour = now.hour
    minute = now.minute
    second = now.second
    END SCRIPT -> VARS "year, month, day, hour, minute, second"

  • Admin

    No there's no other way, if you want to verify both statements you have to do it like you did.

    LoliScript is very assembler-like, writing a more complex language would have required A LOT more time.

    For the second question, look here

    If you need the exact year, month etc. there's no builtin function to do that in OpenBullet, so your approach is correct. Otherwise you can use FUNCTION CurrentUnixTime -> VAR "TIME".

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