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OpenBullet 2 - How much longer?

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    Hi everyone,

    This is a little update on the status of the work for OB2, mostly to say that I'm not dead and also to reply to the most common question people ask me these days.

    When is OB2 going to be released?

    The truth is, I cannot answer this question with certainty. As many of you can expect, porting all the existing features of OB1 into OB2 is taking a long time, even though I finished implementing a good part of them.

    There is still some stuff left to code, but the code is not everything there is to such an ambitious project.
    Manual and automated testing, UI/UX, DevOps solutions, packaging, updates delivery, localization, documentation and tutorials are all aspects that require attention and cannot be overlooked, even for a 1.0 release.

    That said, I want to inform you that I'm around 70-80% done with the features I wanted to implement. In the coming weeks I will work on what's left, but not only that. I will make sure to test the software thoroughly in order to assume the point of view of a regular user or config maker, and make the experience as smooth as possible for everybody.

    Please, do not pressure me with release dates. As I said, I'd rather release a finished and elegant build in a few months rather than an unpolished bug fiesta tomorrow.

    Your dearest,

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    Also, as a side note, .NET 5 is going to be released in November, and I would really like to release OB2 targeted towards .NET 5 directly instead of .NET core 3.1 which I'm currently using.

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    Public Service Announcement

    I am currently in the process of finishing the last couple of exams and writing my thesis. As you might expect, this has top priority over anything else, I hope you understand it. I am still improving OB2 almost every day, bit by bit, but I cannot dedicate much time to development right now.

    I planned out all the things that are left and organized them by how urgent they are. All urgent and semi-urgent things need to be fixed before beta. Beta and release are going to shift to Q1 2021 most likely.

    I'm sorry for anybody who expected the new version to come sooner, but I really want to be done with studying by next year.

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