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Help with config

  • Hello, thanks for reading this!

    I’m working on new config, but after a couple of times I’m start the request, I’m getting challenge for captcha so I made it in the key check as “retry”. Now every time I’m try to check log I’m getting Retry because the captcha I’m guessing the IP i used is blocked after a lot of requests so I changed the IP and still getting the challenge page. I don’t need to run recaptcha because it supposed to login with another ip and success..

    Do u know why I’m getting every time challenge page?

  • Could you show some of the code itself?

  • @AMCypher
    So now it’s good, but my second key check For the next page doesn’t work.
    Failure and custom work but success doesn’t work for me

  • @Tedi It'll depend of many things. What you want for a key to success, EqualThen, Exists...
    Also, i f there's a CAP value that must exist for those factors.
    I have to understand the logic in order to help you. Sorry man

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