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how to make captcha bypass config

  • Now a days,Google-captcha bypass config in trend like spotify . it does not have captcha solver.
    it's only possible for that website which directly not have captcha but inside network website use,i analyze that config they just get google captch/api2 and prase token & post the data with api2 but i did't understand how they put post data(Content in ob)
    can some one help me

  • for recaptcha v3, it's easy to get a token, but if you don't at least use selenium, your score will be very low. This type of thing only works on Spotify because Spotify doesn't have a very high recaptcha v3 score requirement for logging in.

  • @jeetdhanani

    yes i notice lots of captcha config getting bypass like fans only and spotify wating for video... now bro...

  • @Anon24 Find different login endpoints.

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