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Doesn't open the main page of the site

  • Who faced such a problem when, when entering the site, a page with JS code opens, which sets cookies, but then there is no redirect to the main page for parsing html elements.
    version OB - Release 1.2.2 official

  • I seen it on a few.
    Usually the js contains a small math question which gets solved by the js and inserted to a cookie.
    And if you ask again with this valid cookie, you can pass.

    Here a picture that explains it a bit better

    To handle it with Openbullet:
    Usually the most stuff is static, put it to a
    BEGIN SCRIPT JavaScript
    your code here
    END SCRIPT -> VARS "cookie"
    ofc usually you need to change it a bit, to make it work with Jint (the javascript engine of OB), as for example you don't have a DOM.
    And the vars that change need to be parsed to variables, which you use in the Javascript block.
    And then you should get the value of the cookie which you can use for a 2nd request.

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