Selenium cookies

  • Hi brothers,

    I need to put cookies on selenium. I put them on the variable <COOKIES> before, then i tried to use the function SetCookies like this:

    NAVIGATE "" 
    BROWSERACTION SetCookies """ 
    NAVIGATE "" 

    But it don't work, have you an idea how I can do and if I make a mistake?


  • Hi Wasko ,
    Step 1:
    Navigate to : Site
    Step 2:
    SendKey User
    SendKey Pass
    Click Submit
    input : <Cookie>

    Good Luck

  • Thanks bro i know but i want to do the opposite. I want to keep cookies from previous login, I am trying to automate task on my account and when i get to much login they block it. I thinks it what the "BrowserAction:SetCookies" is for, but it don't work maybe i use it wrong.

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