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Capmonster Cloud

  • I've used Capmonster2 in the past with open bullet but now I'm changing over to Capmonster cloud.

    So, the obvious question I have is has anyone used Capmonster cloud with open bullet and if so how did they set up their system with it?

    Is it similar to how Capmonster2 is set up with open bullet?

    Thanks for the replies.

  • Admin

    I've never used it sorry

  • By the way, from the last thread that I posted, Capmonster2 was having problems so that's what was causing the problems with open bullet not being able to use the solve captcha block properly. When I found that out I figured I may as well upgrade to their cloud and try it out.

    I also went to the developers forums for Capmonster cloud to ask my questions there as well. Maybe I'll post their answer here if I get one.

  • Okay you can actually use the already built in Capmonster option in open bullet for Capmonster cloud. All you need to do is put in your API key from your account and the Domain:

    Essentially Capmonster cloud seems to work exactly as the licensed Capmonster software except you don't have to install anything on your computer.

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