Getting total bot number

  • Here i made a little LS to get concurrent bot/threads user running, with this maybe you can make local thread limiting as i did. Hope it helps you guys !

    -Note: "<BOTNUM>" is predefined variable tha shows which bot is running config normally, script counts threads until it reaches selected thread. To count bots accurate you need to place script before your other blocks or before keycheck. Good luck !
    IF "<BOTNUM>" EqualTo "<BOTU>"
    SET GVAR "BOTU" "999"
    IF "<BOTNUM>" GreaterThan "<BOTU>"

    alt text

  • Admin

    I just want to add, SET NEWGVAR will only create the variable if it's not already created, otherwise it will ignore the command, so the first IF statement can be completely removed saving 2 lines of code ^_^

  • @Ruri Thanks for improvement, i updated script. Deleted first if statement and added

    SET GVAR "BOTU" "999"

    To make it onetime, without it script will give value on every 41. thread as example Now it only gives value once

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