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Issue with Configuring Remote API (listening on

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    It keeps listening when I try to create an API on my vds.
    So I can't connect with admin panel. Or I can't set the source on OB.
    There isn't any problem on localhost. I tried on 2 machines and I'm confused why I keep getting this.

    Edit: I get this error message when i try to add source.
    alt text

  • Admin

    Check if you see the remote port using canyouseeme or some other service

  • Error: I could not see your service on 24.*..*** on port (5000)
    Reason: Connection timed out

    I thought the issue is firewall or port forwarding. I disabled firewall and set the port forwarding. But it's still same. I'll try on linux system soon.

  • Works perfectly on Windows 7 32 bit and Linux OS. Issue solved 🙂

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