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192 HOURS to solve this problem: HELP is needed

  • Good Evening ,
    Hope everybody is doing great
    i spend 8 days to try by myself solving this problem , BUT i can't i'm working 7/ 8 hours per day to try to fix it and see what's wrong but i can't , i came here to get a " REEL " help
    My problem explained STEP BY STEP to let you understand

    STEP 1 :
    Create a config in openbulet and login : OK

    STEP 2 :

    Login to Ok
    Signin Email:Pass: Ok .Login Success
    Reponse Server : OK SUCCEES

    STEP 3 :
    Getting Data : ( COOKIES (Name)

    #_Token : OK
    #User_ID: Ok
    #Device_ID: OK
    #X-CSRF-TOKEN : Ok
    #Sign-In-Identity_Token : Ok

    STEP 4:

    On App Openbullet , when I want to access the products of the page
    it's need 02 TOKEN : 
    Sign-In-Identity_Token and X-CSRF-TOKEN wish i parsed with Openbullet

    Sig_Identity: (Single) = d973ac85-b208-4055-8990-6c61008defb7
    X-CSRF-TOKEN (Single) = e38a1464-021d-4c08-91bb-96fd59a47569

    Debugger : is_login:false

    alt text
    ![alt text](alt text)

    STEP 5:

    When i open my browser and connect to the site , i make a COPY/PASE of cookies generated there,

    Cookie: language=en-us; X-CSRF-TOKEN =65023339-4bc9-4918-abdf-641dba9d8359;  Sign-In-Identity_Token =b249e069-93d2-4c95-ad4e-d572083ec1b3;

    2 TOKEN : generated in debug Openbullet gives : is_login:false
    2 TOKEN generated when i connect with browser gives is_login:true

    AND THEN : it's work on openbullet it's say on debug : is_login:true

    alt text

    2 TOKEN copied from Cookies : /products/overview.html and pasted on Openbullet Windows
    Gives:{"is_login":true } and i could get access to see all products

    Where is the problem ? How to fix that's ?

  • I can send MyConfig.Loli to EXPERT who can see where is the problem and fix it

  • alt text

    alt text

  • hide the site name in pictures or you will get banned

    The site name mentionned is :

  • @P I E R C E :
    God Bless You , thank you so much for your Help

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