Problem : X-CSRF-And Signin-Token-UUID-V4

  • Hello ,
    I am having difficulties and having errors in order to be able to access the products of a site. the site generates 2 tokens. site require 3 tokens and U-ID ( User-Identifier )

    1: X-CSRF (32-character string )

    2: Identify-sign-in token (32-character string )


    both have this format-Output the resulting :

    Generated with : UUID-V4

    example :
    X-CSRF Token :

    identity-signing Token : ```

    When i'm sign-in all is OK , Token are parsed and displayed in Openbullet
    [Link here :](
    Now , when i'm trying to go to the product page using thoses token , it's says : User Not Login 
    [Link Here:](
    I go to the site and copy/paste from there :
    X-CSRF and Identity-signin-Token to Openbullet and it's WORK
    [Link here](
    Where is the problem ? thank 's for all the personns who can solve this problem , or help me to see what's is WRONG in my Code to correct it

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