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How to convert as string into MD5 Hash

  • Hope you all are doing well. Recently I was trying to convert a string into an md5 hash but I'm unable to do so. I have also tried to copy OpenBullet md5 has function here it is

     Public Function encryptToMD5(input As Byte()) As Byte()
            Dim m As MD5 = System.Security.Cryptography.MD5.Create
            Return m.ComputeHash(input)
        End Function

    But when I passed this string "952b4412f002315aa50751032fcaab03" & currentTimeInUnix it is showing me error that long can not be converted to byte. kindly help me if you know the solution.

  • Admin

    If you want a string to string hashing you have to do something like this

  • @Ruri I have already used this function

    Shared Function GetHash(theInput As String) As String
        Using hasher As MD5 = MD5.Create()    ' create hash object
            ' Convert to byte array and get hash
            Dim dbytes As Byte() = 
            ' sb to create string from bytes
            Dim sBuilder As New StringBuilder()
            ' convert byte data to hex string
            For n As Integer = 0 To dbytes.Length - 1
            Next n
            Return sBuilder.ToString()
        End Using
    End Function

    But the result isn't the same as OB that's why I think it's not giving me the right hash.
    it looks like this


    but in OB it same string look like this


  • Admin

    It should work exactly the same. Anyways OB's function wants a byte array and outputs a byte array so you need to convert using Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(yourString) and then pass it to the function, which will return another byte array. Then you need to convert it again to a hex string (I made a ToHex() string extension)

  • @Ruri
    I have made that function that you used in OB

    Public Function toHex(bytes As Byte()) As String
            Dim sb = New StringBuilder(bytes.Length * 2)
            For Each b As Byte In bytes
            Return sb.ToString()
        End Function

    And here how I'm using this

     Dim currentTimeInUnix = ToUnixTimeSeconds(DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:dd"))
                    Dim baseString As String = "952b4412f002315aa50751032fcaab03" & currentTimeInUnix
                    Dim rawInput = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(baseString)
                    Dim digest As Byte() = encryptToMD5(rawInput)
                    TextBox3.Text = toHex(digest)

    But when I use this hash in OB it says invalid hash that's mean both hashes are different.
    Kindly help me I'm stuck here

  • @King_Kong
    Hey mate here is a piece of code that you could use to convert string To MD5 Hash I didn't made it I just did the homework for you

        Sub Main()
            Dim StrToHash As String
            StrToHash = "MyStringToHash"
            Dim md5Obj As New Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvider
            Dim bytesToHash() As Byte = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(StrToHash) 
            bytesToHash = md5Obj.ComputeHash(bytesToHash) 
            Dim strResult As String = "" 
            For Each b As Byte In bytesToHash
                StrResult += b.ToString("x2")
        End Sub

    String To Hash MD5.PNG

    String To Hash MD5 OB.PNG

  • Admin

    @Br4uN thanks, nice job

  • @Br4uN Thanks man I really appreciate that and @Ruri Thanks for your help

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