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Second request and success keyword check setting?

  • My bros, I would like to set a redirect stage for the second sifting of combos after the first success keyword check, but when I set the request2 with different action URL in the following the first success keyword check, the request2 and its success keyword check do not work yet in ob. Any solutions for this question. Thanks Much.

  • Admin

    I'm not sure I understood at all. Could you post an example with a dummy site? Remember to not post illegal stuff in here or I will have to ban you.

  • Thanks Ruri,

    I mean that using four blocks for config. i.e. request 1 (post)--->key check1 (sift for some possible combos for next check)--->request2(redirect URL for further confirmation, say GET)--->success key check2 (this keyword for second sift for success).
    But I tried them using ob but it does not work. It stopped at the request2 when the keycheck1 is done. How can I do this setting, my bro? thanks

  • Admin

    The bot proceeds with the second request when the status is NONE or SUCCESS. Just remove "ban if no key found" from the first keycheck and it will work.

  • Thanks Ruri,
    Could you please explain more clear? my bro
    How to guarantee the bot proceeds with the success keyword,not with fail keyword? Only if success key is found, the bot can proceed with request2.

  • Admin

    Please read the documentation

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