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IF condition blocks config

  • Hi guys, quick help if possible please .. i have the following if condition in my config:

    IF "<PT>" Contains "PORT"

    #data_file_host_PT UTILITY File "<filename>.txt"


    #data_file_host_no_PT UTILITY File "<filename>.txt"

    END IF

    when I'm testing in debugger if i create "PORT" string the config stucks in the creation of the utility file.. it actually creates it, but doesn't move to to end of statement.
    if i don't create "PORT" string, config will jump the if condition and goes to else creating the designated file and finishes with success.

    Any help pleasse ???

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    This post is deleted!

  • Admin

    You need to put something after ENDIF, put any dummy block, otherwise the loliscript gets stuck. It's a known issue, sorry about it

  • No need to say sorry....thanks for the great work and thanks for the help as well ....

  • Admin

    Also, ENDIF goes all in 1 word

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