Timeout Ban Keycheck that needs to continue

  • Hello, I have a config where I have an initial keycheck that is supposed to either have outcome "fail" or "ban", but not success. I do this because to further confirm my 'success' I need to open selenium and take further actions.

    Right now I have "Ignore Response Error" selected and am using the first keycheck to check the source for the text "Unable to connect" & and check the URL for two patterns. Everything debugs fine one by one but once I am in the runner it appears the ban key I have in place now doesn't always work and those particular instances just plow through the script and end up in tocheck.

    I need the first keycheck listed below to BAN if it can't connect, FAIL if either of the two URL conditions are met, or pass to the selenium step if no key.

    There has to be a better way to do this right that I'm missing right? Thanks for any help.

    REQUEST POST "https://examplesite.com/users/api/login" EncodeContent=TRUE 
      CONTENT "username=<USERNAME>&password=<PASSWORD>" 
      CONTENTTYPE "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" 
      KEYCHAIN Failure OR 
        KEY "<ADDRESS>" Contains "auth/login?error" 
        KEY "<ADDRESS>" Contains "ban_message" 
      KEYCHAIN Ban OR 
        KEY "Unable to connect" 
    NAVIGATE "https://examplesite.com/users/auth/login" 120 
    ELEMENTACTION Id "person_username_field_login" 
      SendKeys "<USERNAME>" 
    ELEMENTACTION Id "person_password_field_login" 
      SendKeys "<PASSWORD>" 
    ELEMENTACTION Id "login_data_submit_button" 
    ELEMENTACTION Id "ageagree" 
    NAVIGATE "https://examplesite.com/users/posts/list" 120 
      KEYCHAIN Success OR 
        KEY "users/posts/create" 
      KEYCHAIN Failure OR 
        KEY "<ADDRESS>" Contains "confirm_user" 
        KEY "fraud and spam" 
      KEYCHAIN Ban OR 
        KEY "Unable to connect" 

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Solved this by changing to ban keycheck condition to

    KEY "<COOKIES(*)> DoesNotExist

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