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Help with capture.

  • Bare with me, I usually use LR, and suck at CSS and REGEX.

    I got this and want to capture the product name.

    529585"><img src="/prodpictsxsm/xsmfree02_2020.jpg" srcset="/prodpictssm/smfree02_2020.jpg 2x" alt=" image"></a>
    <div class="cell"><strong class="title"><a class="smooth-link" href="/detail.html?529585">Product name here</a></strong></div>
    <td title="FORMAT" style="max-width:158px;overflow-wrap: normal;">
    <div class="cell">WAV/Acid</div>
    <td title="DELIVERY">

    The detail number changes with different products. And it can be more than one produvt listed.

  • Hi @_Cabal_
    Try this in the LS href="/detail.html?529585">
    and this in the RS </a>

  • Yeah that works for that product, as I said the detail number changes for different products.

  • @_Cabal_
    The solution to solve this problem was to capture the ID because it changes and therefore changes the name of the object and we had to parse the ID and put it back in a new link with the variable <ID> which has permit to be able to capture because we refresh the ID

  • Hats off to you, thanks for explaining it to me 🙂

  • @_Cabal_

    PARSE "<SOURCE>" REGEX "href=\"\\/detail.html?.*\">([^>]*)<\\/a><\\/strong>" "[1]" CreateEmpty=FALSE -> CAP "Product" 

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