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Advanced Key Checking via Loli???

  • Hey, so um.. kinda new to this.

    Been using OB for a little while now and want to try something in
    LS to replace the Key check function.. Basically I want to Jump blocks
    when a certain key is found in order to run at better speeds...

    So, I've found a site for a certain giftcard that requires a Captcha to be submitted before reaching the actual check page... I've been solving captcha on each run BUT have recently figured out that I can submit MULTIPLE requests directly after the previous.... Meaning I can Check 100's off 1 solve.

    Here's the issue...

    How can I check for certain text in a VAR and make a JUMP if found?

    Lets say these are the blocks im using






    I need this function to be right after POST_CARD_DATA
    if a ban key is detected (Are You Human?) I need it to JUMP to GET_DATA
    if fail keys are detected (Status":3) & (Status":2) I need it to JUMP to GEN_CARD
    & if the success key is detected (Message":"Successful) I need to JUMP to CAP_BALANCE.........

    Please someone tell me this is possible and help Me with it....
    Thanks for taking the time to read, sorry for my Noobishness 🙂

  • tried

    IF "<NWSRC>" Contains "Are You Human?"
    IF "<NWSRC>" Contains "Status\":3"
    IF "<NWSRC>" Contains "Status\":2"
    IF "<NWSRC>" Contains "Message\":\"Successful"

    but it didn't work, any ideas?

  • @Ruri Do you have a solution to this possibly? (Sorry to bother You when I know Your busy)

  • Admin

    You have to put ENDIF after each jump not just one at the end.

  • Oh okay, Guess the example I was looking at was from an old version or something(Or was just wrong), had them 1 after another without that.. Thanks I will give it a try

  • Admin

    If you read the LS documentation inside OB, it will tell you that if an IF statement does not return true, it will go to the first ENDIF it finds. It's written exactly like that. So in your case if the first is false, it will always jump to the end without checking the other ones.

  • Admin

    If you want to achieve something like if (a && b) then in that case you can put the IFs one after the other since either they are all verified or the first that's false will break the chain and go to the ENDIF.

  • don't suppose theres a way to set a fail/free status and then afterward having it run another block?

    basically im wanting to jump back to gen block on GC fail, and retry with a new card without terminating the bot and starting from block#1 (Thus bypassing the cap altogetheran having it run only once)
    its working just like this, but i'd love a way to display the fails (Which it currently doesn't)

  • Admin

    No, the bot ends its job once the status changes from none or successful and when there are no more blocks to process, there's no way to make it continue.

  • This post is deleted!

  • hey @Ruri any idea what this (Below) could be? Like how do i decode ? (If possible)


  • Admin

    It's base64, just take the part after id= and do FUNCTION Base64Decode

  • HMAC > Output Base64

  • Admin

    He asked how to decode, not how to generate it though

  • @Ruri Can you decode HMAC Encryption ? 🤔

  • Strange response from the decode, thats too bad 😕

  • Admin

    @mega_1 No you can't decode a signature, it's just a hash, but he asked how to decode a base64 string so I replied that way. @Xiron you probably want to generate that signature, look in the site's javascript and see what goes into it.

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