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Generate time and date

  • Hi,How to generate time and date in millisecond ? I tried some answers which were given before but none of them worked for me . I will appreciate any help.

  • Hi @aparichit

    For Milliseconds to Seconds:
    FUNCTION Compute "<TIME> / 1000" -> VAR "NEWTIME"

    For Seconds to Milliseconds:
    just do <TIME>000

    To make his two methods available to you one with "FUNCTION" compute and one without the "FUNCTION" compute First method:
    Capture 1.PNG
    Loliscript for the first method

    #UnixTime FUNCTION CurrentUnixTime -> VAR "TIME"

    #to_ms FUNCTION Compute "<TIME>000" -> VAR "NEWTIME"

    If you have this time in ms "1598201815000" and you want to check her
    go here :

    Second Method if you have problem with the first method :

    Screenshot one : okay get the currentUnixtime the name of my variable is "date" I think you can do it, I don't need to put the screen back on

    Screenshot two :
    I replace my date by my date and add 000 for the ms

    In fact in the second block we have already finished but if you want to be more precise still put the third block it's precision :

    Loliscript for the second method:
    #Unixtime_ FUNCTION CurrentUnixTime -> VAR "date"

    #Convert_miliseconds FUNCTION Replace "<date[1]>" "<date[1]>000" "<date[1]>" -> VAR "Conv"

    #Date_in_ms FUNCTION Compute "<Conv[1]> + 744" -> VAR "DateMS"

    !#UnixTime FUNCTION CurrentUnixTime -> VAR "TIME"

    !#to_ms FUNCTION Compute "<TIME>000" -> VAR "NEWTIME"

    for the check I have this "1598202975744" and this

    If you want more explanation come in private

  • @Why001 Thank you Sir 🙂

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