ReCaptcha URL

  • Does anyone know how to get the Variable Name and Site URL?
    I searched everywhere and i can't find a solution...

    EDIT: I found the sitekey in the page source but i still don't know where to find variable name.


  • Admin

    Variable name means the name of the variable that will be created and which will have as value the solved recaptcha challenge string. So basically put anything you want in there! I usually use RECAP so that I can later use it by typing <RECAP> but you can choose anything you want.

  • the site url is the site where the recaptcha appears

    Here is also a little documentation how to use the recaptcha block

  • Admin

    I cry tears of pride everytime someone links my documentation :')

  • your documentation helped me alot when i started using Openbullet 🙂 i always refer to that if someone sends me a private message on discord asking for help with one of the blocks/functions everything is perfectly explained.

  • Admin

    @Itamai thank you! I really like writing documentation, I'm probably one of the few people on this planet that do xD I also documented all the RuriLib library so people wouldn't have too much trouble re-implementing it for other programs and I've seen it adopted in 2 more projects so it means I was successful! 😎

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