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some help please, is there a way to change ISO date in SOURCE to normal Date Year/Month/Day?

  • So in the SOURCE

    i get in many one JSON line many of purchaseDate as JSON which is a one-line
    but it look like this


    But as simple of full part of the line, it looks like this and many of it in one line JSON Type


    i was wonder if there a way i can change this ISO date to be like 2012/08/21
    for all lines that have ","purchaseDate":"
    but i also want to get the item Id along with it

    I Tried with Parse and Function but i couldn't make it happen 😞

    so it's at the end be like this in Capture or even if in .txt file is ok

    ID:29 PurchaseDate: 2020/06/02
    ID:31 PurchaseDate: 2013/01/29

    Thanks in advance for any who help.

  • The long way but works.

    SET VAR "LIST" "purchaseDate\":\"20120821T191447.000Z"
    PARSE "<LIST>" LR "purchaseDate\":\"" "T" -> VAR "STRING" 
    FUNCTION Substring "0" "4" "<STRING>" -> VAR "1" 
    FUNCTION Substring "4" "2" "<STRING>" -> VAR "2" 
    FUNCTION Substring "6" "2" "<STRING>" -> VAR "3" 
    FUNCTION Constant "<1>/<2>/<3>" -> CAP "DATE" 

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