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Can't get OpenBullet API to work.

  • @Ruri Hey, i'm trying to get OpenBullet API to work, but when i'm running the "dotnet ./OpenBulletAPI.dll" command, i can not access localhost:5000 or It was documented that i had to comment out the


    I did, but now i'm struggling with compiling the program, as i don't have any knowledge of this. When i went google to search on how to do this, it said that the project owner has to make a documentation on how to compile the build. So, i'd be really glad if someone can help me out on this one.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Admin

    Hey, can you please show me the content of the file you edited and the error you get while compiling? I will help you ^_^

  • @Ruri I believe you can check it out here as it was said in this note i commented out the .UseUrls("") line
    alt text
    Also, i am not getting an error while compiling. I just don't know how i'm supposed to do that. The online guides suggested that the owner must have a tutorial on github for that, or something like that.

    I think it is only by using Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Admin

    Mate, open visual studio, open the OpenBulletAPI project, on the right side there is Program.cs, double click it and it will open its code, then find where that line is and put // in front of it (that's what "comment out" means). Finally compile again and there you go, now you can access from localhost. Remember to remove the comments when you actually deploy it to a server or it will not listen for remote requests, just local ones!

    If you do not have visual studio, no problem, just use VS code or Rider, it's the same thing.

  • Admin

    If you need further help, contact me directly and we can arrange an appointment when I will show you via anydesk or something like that.

  • @Ruri
    I did already commented out the line. I just didn't know if i were to do compiling by myself, and thank you a lot. I'll get in contact if i need any more help.

  • Hi @Ruri
    Can you take a moment to help me with this problem?

  • Admin

    Sorry I'm very busy, make a thread and I will reply when possible

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