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If you see one of the following in the HTML View

  • "Javascript needed"
    "Old Browser detected"
    "You need to enable cookies"
    "Please disable your Adblocker"
    or just a blank page.

    Just ignore this. The HTML View is not meant to show you a 1:1 representation of the site. It should be only a small help.
    But with modern, complex sites full of javascript it is far from "what you see is what you get"

    Because the HTML View it is based on an old Internet Explorer Version which doesn't load and run javascript files and also doesn't display most images and so on (relative path don't resolved).
    So in most cases just ignore the stuff which you see on the HTML view.

  • I want to add:
    Openbullet does not run javascript on it's own!

    It only** does the requests that you tell it to do as good as possible (while obeying to the basic standard, like having a Hosts Header)
    And store the answer in the Variable <SOURCE> and as a extra service, it also automatically parses some stuff like Cookies, Headers, the Statuscode and so on to Varlables

    But again, it DOES NOT run stuff like Javascript or so and do requests you haven't told it to do (beside follow redirects if you want)
    So you have to tell it, what to do - it's your job to find things out like what some javascript is doing. - And replicate the stuff you need in OB.

    If you want it to run javascript automatically, then use Selenium. - which comes with it's own tradeoffs.

    **= this does not include selenium

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