Email Input Problem

  • I have created a checker with openbullet and post data is email=<email> ..added keychecks and everything and it's working fine in stacker but when I start checking in Runner it's only showing " fail ".

    I didn't get it..why is this happening ..I think it's only sending <email> to the site while checking

    Means not using my email input and I have added it in keynote that if it sends only <email> it will be failure. What's the problem ?

    Also added allowed wordlist type = Email.

  • Change <email> to <USER>

  • @mega_1 Hi,Thanks For Your Response.After Replacing EMAIL As USER It's Showing Invalid Syntax .I replaced with MAIL Also But not working.

  • Bro check your env .ini file in settings folder see if it's correct.


  • @aparichit replace <email> to <USER> and also use a word list which not only have email but also something after email then ":" and a value because it need two arguments.
    example of word list [email protected]:1
    remember in position of 1 there can be anything.

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