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How to open a selenium window with android and ios user agents ?

  • Hello,

    Sorry to make a lot of requests but I would like to open selenium windows with android or ios user agents.

    I can't put any code because I have no idea how to do ...

    thank you in advance

  • I am rewriting on this post because I think I have found a solution, but I have a problem.

    I noticed that the selenium browser already has an extension to manage user agents. My problem is that it is impossible to put the user agent only android and ios on all selenium windows because the extension cannot save the parameters to put them on another selenium page.

    Let me explain: I put that I want the user agent only android and ios on a selenium window but once this one is closed and another opens, the extension automatically resets the parameters to 0.

    Is there a possibility of going to manage the parameters of the extension in its file so that each window which opens have the configuration that I give to the extension?

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