Selenium Elements Keywords for keycheck

  • as many elements in selenium are javascript generated and dont show in in source page is there any way to do keycheck like this ?
    IF element with id or selector xyz is present then keycheck ---> SUCCESS

  • Admin

    You have to use 2 blocks:
    ELEMENTACTION that checks if an element Exists -> spits out "true" inside a variable of your choice
    KEYCHECK between that variable and the word "true"

    Otherwise you could use BROWSERACTION DomToSource and check normally using <SOURCE> in the keycheck block

  • @Ruri using the BrowserAction DomToSource i dont find any word from Source to be use in keycheck block and using ElementAction block i xpath an element but dont know how to check if element Exists. any help?

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  • @Uomo This could be an option

      WaitForElement -> VAR "ELEMENTKEY" 
      KEYCHAIN Success OR 
        KEY "<ELEMENTKEY>" Exists 

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