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Pop Up Ads While Using Selenium

  • How To Get Rid Of Pop Up Ads While Using Selenium ?

    Is It Possible To Use Adblock Extension To Avoid Those Ads?

    If Yes , Please Do Some Tutorial On That

  • Hi @n3X3,
    Can counter this you use the "Browser Action" block in Sendkeys action. If for example the popup window appears it ask you to click on OK or something similar you will put in the imput of this block <ENTER>
    BROWSERACTION SendKeys "<ENTER>" in fact you have to look where you are on the page when the popup appears I advise you to do <TAB> several times. To see where you are when you have spotted where you are established your block compared to its for example then the popup window is open I had to perform TAB twice and once ENTER before passing the popup

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