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OpenBullet wont launch

  • Hello, the latest version of ob does not launch at all, i tried it with 1.2 and it seems to work fine, I have the latest version of .net framework installed. I also get a .net framework error when trying to launch the updater. "Could not load file or assembly 'DotNetZip, Version=,Culture=neutral...' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified." If I click continue brought to a blank window. Does anyone have a fix for this? Id greatly appreciate it.

  • Hi @SSCC
    Have you tried running on a virtual machine?
    When you say last version it is the version 1.2.2 ?

  • I have fixed the issue, but thank you for helping. But what file extensions work with opebullet for configs? I know loli files work but do .anom files work? Ive placed an anom config file in the configs folder, and clicked rescan but it wont appear?

  • @SSCC
    It's very simple you have your config with .anom replace by .loli and click rescan

  • @Why001 but wouldnt that interfere with the config file itself?

  • @SSCC Not just the name of the extension

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