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Save Output as current time

  • i just make a config that save the output on text file and save it by current time but the problem is it actually save in mutiple text file because it capture every current time i did. So the question how can i want to save it in one text file i try to use gvar cannot also

  • Admin

    Convert the time to date and parse only the day part (not minutes etc.) or divide the unix time by the number of seconds in a day and floor the result.

  • if i capture with second it will be multiple text file?

  • Admin

    You have to use append and not write, so it doesnt overwrite the previous text. And no, it will make a single text file per day if you do it like i said.

  • but how can i save the file with current time including the second. It will capture every single second and create a multiple file. Is it possible to make to capture one time in second on every single running.Capture.PNG

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