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Looping in Separate Single bots.

  • Hello Friends,

    I want to create a loli script where each bot execute separately by taking combos from list and by using single proxy from proxylist.
    for example, I initiate 5 bots, where each bot take user pass from combo list and take one proxy from the proxy list, and loop itself by checking combos from list again and again until the proxy get banned. when proxy get banned, bots end and new bot starts by taking new proxy from the list and start from current cursor position of combo.

    for this I have to get new user:pass from combo list in each loop of a single bot from current cursor position of combo cursor.
    How can I get current cursor user:pass from combo list in loliscript ?

  • Admin

    1 bot is assigned to 1 line of your wordlist. When the bot ends, another line is picked. You cannot make 1 bot pick more than 1 line from the wordlist, this is intended by design, you would need to change how the Runner works.

  • Thanks @Ruri Bro, I will try to think other logic to implement the same. 🙂

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