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Proxy testing very slow

  • I am finding the testing of proxies very slow in V1.2.2, It seems to start at normal speed but slows down almost to a halt. I still have V1.2.1 and it tests at a normal speed throughout. Has anyone any idea what is wrong?

    example 4000 socks4 tested today against google, 200 bots, 1 second timeout
    V1.2.1 = 5 minutes testing
    V1.2.2 = 25 minutes testing

  • Maybe it is a bug on the latest release of OpenBullet, as version 1.2.2 has had some updates regarding proxy settings. But still, I would recommend you to use an external proxy checker with more options.

  • Admin

    I won't update OB1 anymore, but OB2 should have a better system don't worry

  • I request Respected Ruri to make thread max 1000 instead of 200 in proxy testing.
    in your OB2.


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