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Chain config -> On hit, forward to a new destination and check again

  • I'm not sure how to put it, but is it possible to make a config checking a site and if there is a hit then mark a hit and save url and continue with same user:pass to another and do the same.

    Basically let the config run towards multiple destination if first marked as hit
    And store each hit of the chain.

    So i run a small list towards my site then as a friend have the same user-database i run towards his and it'll mark hit on my and then run towards his as it was on a hit on the first then do a check on his site and if there is a hit mark and save that as well.

    Hope it's understandable 🍍

  • Admin

    I don't think there is currently a way to do this, unless you make a config with multiple steps and instead of putting the keycheck you just set the capture to be site1: true | site2: false (something like that).

  • Ah i see, thanks for clarifying that 😃

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