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Capital letter <PASS>

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to use a function and a keycheck to check if at least 1 letter of the <PASS> is Capital but i can't find a solution.
    I'm already using the function Lenght to check if the <PASS> is less than 8 but can't find anything for the capital letter

    Thanks if you can help me

  • Admin

    In the keycheck you can use the MatchesRegex and put ^[A-Z] which means match start of line and match an uppercase letter right after.

  • @Ruri You forgot data rule, this option can help filtering data and help @Suro to archive what he want with no extra FUNCTION block
    Other options -->Data --> Add Rule👇

  • Admin

    Yep that would be the best solution, but putting just Uppercase would let a password like hEllo123 go through whereas he just wants Hello123 to go through. But I believe there is a regex option there in the data rules too, so it would be best if you used that one as it's a check made before even starting the bot and bad passwords will be sent to FAIL very fast.

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