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Mouse action

  • Hi friends, I'm trying to create an automation to "follow" people.

    I can log in all right, but the "follow" button is not in an iframe.

    I have already inspected and realized that the best option would be to use the "mouse action" my English is not very good and I did not understand in practice how it works.

    Can anyone create this function for me on this page? I just need to click on this "follow" button

  • Hi bro do you have use the element action on option click and copy the xpath of the follow ?

  • Yes, I used it, but it didn't work. you can test it yourself 😞

  • All the other elements I did with xpath, but this is the only button that is not working. I believe it is, for not being in any iframe

  • bro it's working for me You need to add the block ELEMENT ACTION and in the options you choose Waitforelement one block for click and one block for the delay

  • If you don't ask for much, could you send me the pad you used?

  • So his problem is that he can not click on an element and therefore to resolve this problem we had to use the ELEMENTACTION block and put it in Waitforelement mode with a delay of 5 seconds is more than enough and that he had a problem with his xpath because it was not similar to firefox

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