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config configuration problem

  • firstly hello everyone my problem
    How to make a post request 2 times after logging into a cliente sample

    1.Request POST DATA {"identity":"[email protected]","password":"123456",

    2.Request PUT POST DATA: "login":"fdgfdg","password":"dfgfdg","email":"[email protected]","

    1.request indentity <USER> password <PASS> but in the second request I want to do brute force
    2.request <USER> <PASS> doing will cause collision with the 1nd request
    so what do I need to enter in the second request except ? <USER> <PASS> outside

    To make the 2nd request, it is necessary to login to the account
    1.request request to log into the account
    my goal is after logging into the account
    2.request brute force to do user:pass

    1.request <USER> <PASS> but the second request I want to do brute force is what I need to enter
    PUT request <USER> <PASS> will be
    please help

  • 1.Request email 2.request same as
    2.request login password <USER> <PASS> 1.request email <USER> password <PASS>
    cause of collision
    so I need to change the 2nd request
    <USER> <PASS> What can I write besides these ?

  • The problem was that in the request post it did not replace with the variables <USER> and <PASS> and it was with the PUT method instead of POST

  • Why001 Thanks İ.m problem Solved.

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