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Having problem with [SOLVE CAPTCHA]

  • Just hooked up latest update of OB with Capmonster (Balance is OK)

    Question 1. Giving correct information to [SOLVE CAPTCHA] at first block but returns the error "Could not solve the captcha! ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE", The error is almost self explanatory but why should it be like that ?

    some info regarding this:

    1. target uses ReCaptcha v2  and used the same in the block
    2. I don't know if I should say it but I'm using an updated cracked version of Capmonster

    Question 2. I'm not familiar with this new Solve Captcha block because it doesn't have a variable to save the response in it so let's assume it solves the captcha, my target has "g-recaptcha-response=" in it's post data, Am I suppose to remove it from post data and set similar UserAgents for both [SOLVE CAPTCHA] and post block ?

  • Admin

    There is a wonderful search function.

  • I'm gonna put some time on my searching skills 😐

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