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how 2 do of postdata like this ?

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    {"operationName":"userLogin","variables":{"input":{"email":"[email protected]","password":"wsedrftgyh6uj7k","captcha":"<SOLUTION>"}},"query":"mutation userLogin($input: LoginInput!) {\n userLogin(input: $input) {\n user {\n id\n ...featureFlagsFatQuery\n account {\n id\n ...accountFatQuery\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n}\n\nfragment accountFatQuery on Account {\n accountId\n accountType\n displayName\n emailAddress\n hasProductSubscription\n token\n __typename\n}\n\nfragment featureFlagsFatQuery on User {\n account {\n accountId\n accountType\n displayName\n featureFlagsHash\n hasProductSubscription\n productSubscription {\n id\n type\n typeCode\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n}\n"}

  • try this maybe work

    REQUEST POST "https://my website" 
      CONTENT "{\"operationName\":\"userLogin\",\"variables\":{\"input\":{\"email\":\"<USERNAME>\",\"password\":\"<PASSWORD>\",\"captcha\":\"<SOLUTION>\"}},\"query\":\"mutation userLogin($input: LoginInput!) {\\n userLogin(input: $input) {\\n user {\\n id\\n ...featureFlagsFatQuery\\n account {\\n id\\n ...accountFatQuery\\n __typename\\n }\\n __typename\\n }\\n __typename\\n }\\n}\\n\\nfragment accountFatQuery on Account {\\n accountId\\n accountType\\n displayName\\n emailAddress\\n hasProductSubscription\\n token\\n __typename\\n}\\n\\nfragment featureFlagsFatQuery on User {\\n account {\\n accountId\\n accountType\\n displayName\\n featureFlagsHash\\n hasProductSubscription\\n productSubscription {\\n id\\n type\\n typeCode\\n __typename\\n }\\n __typename\\n }\\n __typename\\n}\\n\"}" 
      CONTENTTYPE "application/json" 
      HEADER "User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/80.0.3987.149 Safari/537.36" 
      HEADER "Pragma: no-cache" 
      HEADER "Accept: */*"

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    @Br4uN says internal error

  • I've got the same post data and I try everything without result. Hope someone could help us

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    i had the same issue some months ago. You basically need to replace \n with \\n

  • Thanks a lot @Itamai it works.

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    @Br4uN this not working says incorrect response

  • @jamescob7 try @Itamai suggestion replace any\n with \\n if not hit me in private

  • @jamescob7 you are getting this error because you need to solve the captcha Response code: 400 (BadRequest)

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