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Add Login Form

  • I would like to know how can I create a Login form and authenticate the user before opening OpenBullet?

    I have little knowledge in the area but it is worth mentioning a few things:

    1 - I will use this site:

    He practically creates the form, manages it, etc. (including the API).

    This is the easy part, but as I don't have so much knowledge, how do I make it work together with OpenBullet?

  • Admin

    1. Create the form via XAML and set it as the default window that opens when the program launches in Program.cs
    2. Bind the form submit button to a call to the remote api (you can use their library), check if the authentication is successful
    3. If successful, open an instance of MainWindow and close the login form, if failed show an error
    4. Obfuscate the logic that checks if auth was successful or not, otherwise anyone can bypass the restrictions easily

  • I will try to do that. But my knowledge is very weak 😞

    If I can't, can you help me?

    By the way. Congratulations for the good work. Even if it doesn't work out, I'll send a donation to help you.

  • Admin

    If you can't do C# don't attempt something like this. Try something easier first.

  • I really don't know what to do. Is there a video tutorial on the internet?

  • I know this is a place for learning and knowledge, but I really needed it. Can you refer me to a professional or even you? If so, I can reward you with some cash.

  • Admin

    I'm very busy working on OB2 I can't help you sorry.

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