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Regarding loop and captcha.

  • Actually i parse and capture a json response that content multiple times the same field name so i need to do a loop like Ruri explained here : So i can repost each single captured data one by one to another post request that contain recaptcha. Sometime i capture hundred of data and i need to repost them one by one but if the captcha response fail it will retry from the beggin of the list right ?

  • Admin

    Yes it will retry the whole data piece unless you tick "ignore response errors" in the config other options. I really suggest you wait for OB2 for this kind of task though as it will have a job type made especially for crawling and scraping websites.

  • Okay. Some python script can do the job and since you released the shell plugin it will help me a lot. Thanks.

    I can't wait the V2 😄

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